Friday, August 31, 2012

Big News!

Many of you are probably wondering why we haven't given an update on construction of permanent housing at Children's Hope, Jacmel.  Well, there is a good reason!  Just before construction started, we  began to hear rumors that the Haitian Gov't. had plans to expand the airport in Jacmel and make it an international airport.  In order to do this, the runway would need to be expanded.  Guess whose property they would need to do this - Children's Hope!  We held off construction until some more investigation had been done.  

In the mean time we needed a plan B in case the rumor was true and CH would need to vacate the land quickly.  Charley found another good piece of property that lies in between Pastor Paul's and Pastor Bishotte's church.  It is considerably larger than the current property.  However, being able to purchase it QUICKLY and get started with construction was like looking at climbing Mt. Everest.  In fact, Martie said that if this happens, it will have to be God!  Well, I am glad to say that God orchestrated a modern day miracle in Jacmel in August.  We were able to take possession of the new land by August 10 just as Charley was to leave for AL on the 13th for Martie's surgery.  God sent us some Haitian folks, especially the Notary, who really helped push this agreement through.  In fact, many of the Haitians who were involved said they had never seen a land purchase happen so quickly.  In the middle of the process, Charley had several opportunities to display a wonderful example of honesty and integrity in very clear ways to the Haitians.

As you can see from the pics below, construction has already started on the new land.  Doug Moyer and John Turnbull continue to lead CH with much efficiency and a lot of progress.  We are amazed at what God has done.  I feel like I am a broken record in that I am making that statement so often about God's work in Haiti, but there is nothing like seeing Him at work.

When we first heard the rumors about the airport, we were all a little taken aback about what we would do.  We knew it was God's will for us to be in Jacmel and the ministry had been growing significantly?  We also knew that this news was no surprise to God, so what were we to do?  This is a good example of what Henry Blackaby refers to as "a crisis of belief" in Experiencing God.  To paraphrase, when you face a crisis what you do next is a reflection of your relationship with God and trust in Him.  We chose to trust in God and move forward with the land purchase knowing that just because one may be in the center of God's will does not mean it is easy and without challenges.  God has been so faithful.  The plan is to get two of the children's homes built on the new land before we have to vacate where they are now.  It is also government policy to pay for land that has to be vacated as well as covering what you have invested in it such as building wells, septic systems, etc.  
We will also disassemble and reuse material from current location as well.

We are excited about the new land and know that for whatever reason, God wanted us at the current location for a season.  Now, He is choosing to move us, so please pray for Haitian workers, mission teams to help with the construction, available materials, and safety for all involved.  Also, please pray for the Haitian workers who are not believers.  John and Doug not only work along side them, but they also disciple them and are shining lights pointing folks to Jesus.

Laying pipe on  the new land

Building the front wall on new land

Providing jobs for Haitian men


  1. What about the other property that is at the old location... i.e. medical clinic and Calvary? Just wondering. Great to see God working. Praying that this new location will bring significant growth to the kingdom.

  2. What exciting news!!! Thank you so much for keeping us updated on God's work in Jacmel.