Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas at Children's Hope

A First Baptist Church, Mtg. team celebrated Christmas with the children at Children's Hope during the first week of Jan. 2013.  They arrived on Tuesday, Jan. 2.  Each day the team did a craft and activity leading up to the big Christmas event on Saturday, Jan. 6.  With the Elgins and Schwindlings being in Alabama during the traditional week of Christmas, we are thankful to this team for all of their work and effort in giving the children a very meaningful and fun Christmas.

Jane Ferguson with some of the children

Decorating the tree

Mike Talley and Edith

Jane and Joy

Morgan with Lovenson

Mike with some local kids

Getting ready for the best Christmas Pageant ever!

Elida as Mary and Estherline as Baby Jesus

Mike and Kathy Talley giving out stockings

Joy and Tommy giving out Christmas presents!

Kathy with Danaika

Kathy and Wiseman, Myson

Austin, Morgan and Rhonda Thompson with Alexi

Kathy and Estherline

The kids with their new monogrammed dresses and shirts (thanks Camilla Irvin for the monogramming.

The Whole Gang
Joy, Austin, Jane, Morgan and Rhonda

Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Mission Teams!

Joy and Tommy returned to Jacmel on Jan. 2 and from the sounds of things, they were glad to be back home.  Joy sent me a text that said "Home Sweet Alabama House."  On their trip back to Jacmel, they were accompanied by a team from FBC, Mtg. which consisted of FBC's Community Minister, Jane Ferguson, FBC's Nehemiah Center's Director, Rhonda Thompson, Rhonda's two children (Austin and Morgan), and Mike and Kathy Talley.  This team was able to celebrate Christmas with our 23 kids at Children's Hope.

As this team was headed back to Mtg., a group of four men from the Mendocino/Comptche area of Northern California were on their way to Jacmel.  This team is made up of Doug, Matt, Judah and Will from the Chapel of the Redwoods.  As you may recall, Doug (Moyer) has been to Jacmel numerous times and "filled in" for Charley during Martie's last hip replacement surgery/recovery.  Doug and the team all have special skills and were able to jump right in at the construction site of Children's Hope.
This team will be at the Alabama House focused on construction through Jan. 26.  We are so grateful for their sacrifice of being away from family and careers.  They will work many long and hot days and will face many construction challenges during their time in Jacmel.  However, they will bring glory to the Father through their service and love.

Another team of three men arrived today.  This team consists of Kim Reed, Danny Roper and Sam Reed from Gainsville, GA (Mayfield BC).  Kim is no stranger to Jacmel either having been there many times to help with construction and to offer his expertise.  This team will also be focused on construction of CH over the next seven days.  We are thankful to Kim and his family who have been so involved with CH over the last couple of years.

Last but certainly not least, a team from Hepzibah BC arrived at the Alabama House today also.  More info on them in next post.  CH is so thankful for the teams that arrive at the AH ready to work and help meet needs of many Haitians.   We are thankful that God allows us to be a part of His work!

Please be in prayer for Charley, Martie, and Jessica as they tie up loose ends getting ready to move to Haiti permanently.  They will return Sunday, Jan. 20th.  This is an exciting time for them but also challenging.
Shelby's House

Tractor problems, again!

Just not giving up on the tire!!!

Artwork compliments of Davidson (on maintenance building)

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Pictures!

Just wanted to give some updated pictures.  I will send more later of the kids celebrating Christmas!

Emmalyne Phillips and Beth Birchfield

Rene, Donna Conte, and Geralda

Geralda and Rene

Edith and Kenson

The whole gang!

Samuel, Lovely, and Donna

Tommy and Joy

Daphne, Easterline, Christine and Nobertho

Tina and Elida


Martie, Charley and Jessica

Denise, Wilemson, Daphne, and Nana

Sweet Easterline

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Update!

Progress continues to be made at Children's Hope.  Charley is directing construction from Montgomery.  
Below is a picture of the first two houses.  House #1 has the roof on it and #2 is close to having the roof completed as well!  He and Martie are also busy with lots of details in making arrangements to move to Haiti on a permanent basis.  Please be in prayer for them.

Joy and Tommy are doing well and got to spend some time with their daughter, Rachel, and grand- baby, Aria.  They are in Decatur visiting with TC, Maegan, and Emory Ann.  Tommy's eye is healing better than expected, and they are looking forward to a big Christmas with lots of family gathering in Montgomery.

I decided to pull some pics from the First Baptist mission trip in October for now since we do not have Americans on the ground in Haiti to take pics.  I think our 23 children are some of the most photographed children in the world and they seem to never tire or getting a "photo" taken.

Our website is also up and running and is able to accept donations on-line.  Currently, it is equipped to only accept a one time donation but in January it will be upgraded to provide many other options.  Please know that we greatly appreciate the financial assistance that we receive and feel that you are all partners in this ministry with us.  The website is: