Monday, December 31, 2012

New Pictures!

Just wanted to give some updated pictures.  I will send more later of the kids celebrating Christmas!

Emmalyne Phillips and Beth Birchfield

Rene, Donna Conte, and Geralda

Geralda and Rene

Edith and Kenson

The whole gang!

Samuel, Lovely, and Donna

Tommy and Joy

Daphne, Easterline, Christine and Nobertho

Tina and Elida


Martie, Charley and Jessica

Denise, Wilemson, Daphne, and Nana

Sweet Easterline

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Update!

Progress continues to be made at Children's Hope.  Charley is directing construction from Montgomery.  
Below is a picture of the first two houses.  House #1 has the roof on it and #2 is close to having the roof completed as well!  He and Martie are also busy with lots of details in making arrangements to move to Haiti on a permanent basis.  Please be in prayer for them.

Joy and Tommy are doing well and got to spend some time with their daughter, Rachel, and grand- baby, Aria.  They are in Decatur visiting with TC, Maegan, and Emory Ann.  Tommy's eye is healing better than expected, and they are looking forward to a big Christmas with lots of family gathering in Montgomery.

I decided to pull some pics from the First Baptist mission trip in October for now since we do not have Americans on the ground in Haiti to take pics.  I think our 23 children are some of the most photographed children in the world and they seem to never tire or getting a "photo" taken.

Our website is also up and running and is able to accept donations on-line.  Currently, it is equipped to only accept a one time donation but in January it will be upgraded to provide many other options.  Please know that we greatly appreciate the financial assistance that we receive and feel that you are all partners in this ministry with us.  The website is:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

November Update!

Tommy and Joy made it safely back to Montgomery this week.  Tommy had eye surgery on Wednesday to remove scar tissue from when he had a detached retina.  The surgery went well and now he is concentrating on recovery and will be in Montgomery until January 2.  Thanks to everyone who helped welcome them home by providing gas cards,  getting the mission house ready, sharing your vehicle, decorating a Christmas tree for them or providing food!

Martie and Charley will be returning later this month.  The week before Martie left for Haiti, their daughter, Amanda, had a biopsy taken from a lump in her breast.  It came back malignant!  However, when Amanda went in to discuss further treatment options with her doctors, she was told that she was in the clear.  They had gotten all of it when they did the biopsy and she would not even need follow up treatment and to come back to see them in April!  Now, that is a good Christmas present and we rejoice in the Great Physician and what He has done!

Below are some pictures of the progress that is being made at Children's Hope.  We are beyond excited and it looks like the children, staff and the Elgins will be moving on sight in late Jan. or early Feb.  Woohoo!  

Below are pictures of Pastor Barjon who pastors a small church about 90 minutes outside of Jacmel in a very rural area. Martie and Charley delivered some school books and some of the first uniforms for the children. The folks in this area are extremely poor, so the uniforms are probably the first new clothes these children have ever had. They are also in need of more to eat since many of them have bloated bellies and are sluggish. As soon as Pastor Barjon and his church members complete the kitchen at the school, all of the children will be provided a good, hot lunch everyday! It is such a blessing to be able to do this and God has made this possible through many people.

Pastor Barjon, Martie and Charley

The school/church

Three of the children with new uniforms!