Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Pics!

Davidson (tutor, translator, pastor) and Christine
Nana helping with laundry!
Silmaine helping with laundry!
See the great blackboard - this is where children are tutored and the yellow door opens up to the kitchen.
Mary Conley getting a sweet hug.
The team took the older kids to eat pizza at a restaurant (a new experience for most of them)
Celia with Nana - the kids got to wear their new swimsuits for the first time!
Emma Beth with Casimir and Lovenson
Anne Louise with Christella and Nicole
Mary Conley with Geralda
Beth with Christine.
Troy with a cold Danaika
A sleepy and tired Elida!
Another tired one!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jacmel in February 2012

Andy and Beth tagged along with the Teel family to Jacmel over the long weekend. I have included lots of pics and will send some more in the next blog.

The girls getting ready for a puppet show with Davidson translating.
Nana and Emma Beth
Beth and Lovenson outside Pastor Paul's church.
Anne Louise with Christine and Danaika
Celia with Christine
Mary Conley and Geralda making faces.
Andy with baby Alfreida
Mary Conley and Nana
Celia and baby Alfreida at Church on the Beach

Beth and Geralda
Andy walking Hosanna while Nana rides
More faces!
Boys will be boys! Alexis and Lovenson
Waiting for Church on the Beach to start.

Troy climbing down rocks at Basin Bleu
Basin Bleu

Waterfalls at Basin Bleu
The Teel family: Anne Louise, Celia, Mary Conley, Emma Beth and Troy
Haitians washing clothes and taking a swim
Joy and Nana checking for eggs.
First egg from the new chicken coop!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's Happening?

The answer to that question is a lot! A four week in-depth look at adoption is beginning this Sunday from 5 - 6 at First Baptist Church, Montgomery. We will look closely at adoption from a Biblical stand point and at the process itself.
On March 13, a ten week class is beginning at First Baptist for people in the tri-county area who are interested in becoming foster parents.
In Jacmel, there is never a dull moment! Joy and Tommy recently hosted a team from Greenville who built a church in an area just outside of Jacmel. They also hosted a team of ladies who provided some decorating services for the AH. A big thank-you to Eegee Williams who made curtains! This team enjoyed spending time with Tommy and Joy, the children, and some time on the beach. Please see pictures below.
The kids are all thriving. They continue to love all the visitors and attention. They seem to never tire of getting their picture taken. Myson was sick a week or so ago. He became dehydrated but bounced back quickly. Silmaine and Alexis stuck beans in their ears. Tommy tried to get them out but ended up taking them to the doctor. Both kids screamed and screamed! I don't think they will be repeating that any time soon. Hopefully, the other kids learned that lesson by just observing. Like I said, never a dull moment.
Charley and Marti Elgin continue to work on plans for Phase II. There are so many challenges in building in a third world country such as materials, sewage, water, electricity, etc. They continue to make progress and God continues to provide by sending the right people at the right time. It is such a blessing to watch God at work. Please pray for Martie - she is suffering with hip pain and will have a consultation with another doctor when she returns to the States the end of this month.
Also, Troy and Celia Teel and their girls visited Jacmel in October of 2011 and fell head over heels in love with the children. They are returning to Jacmel Feb. 16 -20th. Andy and Beth decided to tag along, so please pray for them as they travel.

Tommy with Nicole and Kenson
Test well for sewer
How will he get out!?!?
Recent team: Erin Williams, Eegee Williams, Barbara Owen, Bette Carroll, Jane Knight, Evelyn Robinson and Joy
Hard at work!
What a difference curtains make! Thank you Eegee!
Erin with Lovenson, Geralda, and Danaika

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wolf Coop is Complete!

Well, the team is almost home and the chicken coop is complete. The rooster, well I am not sure where he belongs, but he sure seems to like this new place. Jacob will head to the market on Saturday to purchase some chickens and the kids should have fresh eggs soon! I am so thankful to this team. It is not easy to give up a week at home in order to spend your days working outside in a very hot and humid environment with very few modern conveniences. Thanks again to Katherine and Jason (Jay) Wolf for donating the funds for the construction. We are amazed at the Lord's continued favor on Children's Hope!

Robin's new sign looks great - thank you!
Completed project - just need chickens!
Rooster checking things out!
John H., Charley, and Mike