Sunday, September 9, 2012

News from Jacmel! (Part 1)

We arrived Friday afternoon and went straight to the Children's Home.  We had a great time playing with them.  Our team is made up of Dr. Davis Denney (dentist) and his wife, Sara; Dr. David Stanley (dentist) and his wife, Natalie, Alissa Irvin, Eegee and Max Williams, and Birchfields (Andy, Beth and Tanya).   On Friday, Davis explained what he and David would be looking in their mouths and cleaning their teeth.

On Saturday, we headed back to the Children's Home for dental examinations and fun!  Davis and David did about 2/3s of the exams (children and CH staff, translators, drivers) this morning.  All of the children did so well and were so cooperative.  The only exception was Christine.  She screamed and we had to hold her down long enough for Davis just to look in her mouth.  We called it quits after that.  She was mad at me for hours!  

Afterwards, Davis, David, and Andy met a local dentist in Jacmel and visited his office.  The dentist is interested in partnering with us in getting dental care to those in need, so we will explore this opportunity.  He also joined us at Children's Hope Saturday afternoon to finish the exams.

On Sunday, we went to Pastor Paul's church and enjoyed being with the local believers in worship.
I will post later on the rest of the trip soon.

Davidson interpreting as Davis explains about the dental exam.

Sara having fun with "The Teeth"

This is sweet Estherline!

David Stanley with Noberto who soon fell fast asleep in David's arms


Rene' very focused on play dough

Alissa and Estherline

Christella opening wide for her exam

Beth, Davis and David giving Estherline a dental exam.  She was a trooper!



The kids working hard on a sewing project

Noberto with his newly made cross

John Turnbull - much loved by the children

Charley with Denise

Joy and Tommy with Casimir and Nathalie

Myrlande - gets stitches out on Monday

Myrlande with get well cards from FBC, Mtg members

Drs. David Stanley, Matthew Colin and Davis Denney

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