Tuesday, September 11, 2012

News from Jacmel (Part 2)

After church, we headed back to the Children's Home.  Doug Moyer's wife, Dani, provided t-shirts and fabric paint for the children.  Once again, the dining hall was converted into an art gallery, and our little artists went to work.  A special thanks to Dani for this project!  While some were enjoying the world of art, Alissa and I were fitting school shoes on the children.  They loved getting the new shoes (Walmart specials).

 I want to share with you a sweet story from this weekend (there were many more though).  Last spring I purchased new backpacks from LL Bean (half price online) and brought them down in May.  I knew that I had bought a couple of extras but when we counted last night there were exactly 23 backpacks which is the exact number of children we have.  Nothing takes God by surprise.  He knew back in the spring that we would have 23 kids with us in September!  God loves orphans and He will provide when we attempt to provide for them.

Davis and David set up the dental clinic again and pulled a number of teeth.  Christella was the first and she had two teeth pulled.  She really screamed and cried!  The others did much better.  Overall, Davis and David felt like the children's teeth were in better shape than expected even our sweet Christella.
We are so thankful to Davis, David and their wives for joining us on this trip and are excited to see what the Lord has planned for them.

On a final note, Eegee Williams used her gift of sewing to provide draperies for the remaining rooms of the AH.  She also made pillows for the couches and guess what everyone immediately does, sits down and hugs on one.  There is just something about a good pillow!  Thanks so much Eegee for using your talents to make the AH so inviting.

Edith working very intently
David, Beth, Andy, Alissa, Eegee, Max, Natalie, Davis, Sara, Joy and Tommy

Natalie comforting Christella after she got two teeth pulled

Max and Myson - good friends!

Kids painting t-shirts.

Alexi and Nana

Nobertho and Rene'

John holding uniforms

Uniforms for girls that attend Hosanna Baptist

Eegee and John hanging up uniforms in the sewing center
Drapes by Eegee!

Eegee also provided beautiful new pillows!

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