Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sharing the Gospel?

God is moving in so many ways through Children's Hope in Jacmel, that it is hard to take everything in.
Watching God at work is greater than any power, material wealth, or accolades that this world can offer.  We are constantly amazed and thankful that God has chosen to work through His children.

Seminary student leading a class for new believers in Cap Rouge

God led Charley Elgin to a seminary student at Hosanna Baptist in Jacmel.  His name is Nicholas.  Last month he told Charley that he and some other seminary students wanted to make a trip to Kap Rouj which is up in the mountains.  He went on to tell Charley that it is very dark in this area, spiritually speaking and asked for prayers.  It worked out that Charley sent the mobile medical clinic along with the seminary students.  The result was that God's Kingdom was expanded by 61 people that day!  All of the new believers were connected to pastors for discipling.  They are holding classes for new believers now along with the seminary students.  Charley said the seminary students are very serious about spreading God's Word.  Upon first meeting Charley, they peppered him with lots of questions about his beliefs making sure they were all on the same page.  The seminary students continue to make trips up in the mountains spreading the Gospel.

All of the children are doing well.  Tina is coming around little by little and getting more settled into the Children's Home.  They children are having uniforms made, getting registered for school , and are continuing with their tutoring with Davidson.  The doctor at the medical clinic next door began providing care for the kids about a month ago.  He shared that he was an orphan as well and wanted to reach out to the children at Children's Hope.  The ladies at the sewing clinic are making uniforms for the children who attend Hosanna Baptist (which are the majority of them).

A big thank you to Doug Moyer and John Turnball who are in Jacmel for six weeks while the Elgins are in Montgomery.  Martie will have her second hip replacement on Aug. 20th.  Doug and John are both from California and first met the Elgins in Waveland, MS after Katrina.  You may remember that John stood in for Charley during Martie's first surgery.  John and Doug are keeping things moving forward at the Children's Home, medical clinic, sewing clinic, and the four church schools.

Joy and Tommy Schwindling are back in the States as well.  They are in FL currently but will be in Montgomery the week of Aug. 20th.  They were able to spend several days with their grand baby, Aria, last week.  They will be at the Haiti Summit on Saturday and then will travel to Decatur to see Emory Ann dedicated on Sunday, Aug. 26th.  Please pray for safe travels for them.  We all look forward to seeing them on the 25th.

Finally, I would like to thank Matthew Clayton from FBC Decatur.  Matthew first visited Jacmel on a mission trip with his church.  As a result, he volunteered as an intern at the Alabama House for the first half of the summer.  He was always ready to lend a hand and didn't meet a stranger!

Matthew with Fedline (getting her hair done).  Please remember to pray for  Matthew as he seeks God's plan.
Also, please continue to pray for our precious Fedline and that she is safe and happy!

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