Sunday, August 26, 2012


Recently, Social Services in Jacmel showed up at the Children's Home around 10 pm.  They were carrying this sweet little girl named Estherline.  She is four years old and was a Restavek (child slave).  Children's Hope took her in and sought medical care for her.  They showed her love by caring for her needs; giving lots of hugs and smiles; and letting her know that Jesus loves her.   If she has no family who can care for her, she will remain at CH.  This is a very stark reminder of why CH is in Jacmel:  to care for the fatherless who have no voice!

By the way,  the man who did this is in jail now.  This is huge for Haiti in that up until recently officials refused to admit that child slavery even existed in their country.  Please pray for Estherline's physical and emotional healing, staff at CH, and all of the other children in Haiti who find themselves in similar situations.
The is Estherline.  She is four years old!

A second injury to the back of her head.
Estherline in the lap of John Turnbull whose presence would bring comfort to anyone!

Estherline at CH

Estherline with Samuel outside the hospital

Myrlande with her cast; Daphney with her cast (chipped her elbow); and Estherline not wanting to miss a photo opportunity!

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  1. So thankful she is safe and being shown the love and hope and healing that only Christ can offer! So thankful for CH! Praise Him for releasing her from this abuse! Hard to even fathom!