Monday, April 2, 2012

A Sweet Gift!

Webb McGregor 

I read recently on FB about how Webb collected cans and sold them making around $25.00.  I remember thinking that he would have a fun time spending his hard earned money.  Then on Sunday morning, Webb and his dad, Tommy, presented me with an envelope with $25.00 in it.  Webb wanted all of his can money to go to the orphans in Haiti!!!  Needless to say, I was awestruck  by his selflessness and desire to help orphans.  He also affirmed that FBC/CH is making an impact in advocating for orphans.  I am faithfully trusting the Lord to raise up the children of FBC to have a passion for orphans and to realize their responsibility in caring for them.  If Webb is any indication of this, we are well on our way!  Praise the Lord for Webb's heart and the teaching of his parents.

God is also providing the funds for Phase II of Children's Hope, Jacmel.  One family in our church is leading the way of building a home for a young lady who died from cancer as a teenager.  The home will be built and named in her honor.  Everyday, we see God's provision over and over.  Please join us in praying and giving.

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