Thursday, April 26, 2012

I know many of you are praying for Trent and Heather Beck as they are in Sofia, Bulgaria to bring Sellenn Rose home.  They have her now and are completing more requirements such as acquiring her passport, doctor appt. , in order to bring her home soon.  As you can imagine they have faced many challenges these past couple of days.  Sellenn is five yrs. old and all of a sudden everything about her life has changed from her bed to smells to food plus trying to figure out if she can trust her "parents."  Mix in the fact that she speaks no English and you probably get a small glimpse of these past few days.  Advice during these days in country usually is just to survive them and know things will begin to settle down some when you get home.  Please continue to lift them up in prayer.  I know they are very exhausted in every way and are running on adrenalin.  They still have the very looong trip home ahead of them.  I am so thankful for Trent and Heather's obedience to God's call.  No, it is not easy and they are sacrificing so much!  They would both tell us that Sellenn Rose is worth it.  What a reflection of God's love for us - He also says that we are worth all of His sacrifice and suffering and that "by His wounds we were healed."
Heather with Sellenn Rose
Sellenn Rose's first McD's!
Trent with Sellenn Rose

Tommy with Fedline (Tommy let Fedline and Christine "do" his hair!
 A new little girl was brought to Children's Hope, Jacmel about two weeks ago by Social Services.  All I know is that her name is Fedline and she was physically abused by her stepmother.  Tommy has been trying to get more information.  She is very shy and quiet but seems like she has warmed up to Tommy according to the picture above.
Church members working together!
 Tommy reported that from a three day revival at Pastor Paul's church, 150 folks came to know the Lord!!!  Wow, please pray for Pastor Paul and the other church leaders as they follow up with them and begin to disciple them.  A team from FBC Decatur is in Jacmel this week.  They spent some time working on Pastor Paul's church.  Tommy announced Sunday in church that the team needed many church members to show up to help with the new floor.  Well, 40 members showed up and worked 12 hour days.  In the picture above you will see how they set up a relay system in order to bring in material for the floor.  We are blessed beyond measure just to be part of what God is doing.  Praising Him for allowing CH to even exist!

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