Friday, April 27, 2012

A big thanks to high school senior, Hannah Schaffner, who chose to receive donations for Children's Hope for her graduation tea rather than gifts!!!  Hannah asked friends to give a financial gift that would benefit the kids in Haiti.  I just love this idea!  Most Americans have so much "stuff" that our homes are overflowing so just adding to the pile seems pointless.  Using special events and occasions to benefit the "least of these" is a creative way to live out God's desire for His children to be a blessing!  

In fact, someone recently suggested that individuals make a donation to Children's Hope in honor of a mom on Mother's Day instead of purchasing a gift.  Another great idea!  Of course it doesn't have to be Children's Hope - it could be the Caring Center, Sav-A-Life or whatever is special to a mom.  The point is to use our earthly resources for Kingdom purposes!

Hannah, third from left with friends who attended her graduation tea.

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