Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Decatur FBC has been very active in Jacmel through the State Bd. of Mission from the beginning.  They have sent several teams to Jacmel and plan to send others.    In order to get their children's dept. involved with Children's Hope they decided to have a pajama party where the Decatur kids could "adopt" a child from the orphanage in Jacmel.  They printed large pictures of the children with their names, DOBs and story.  The Decatur kids were encouraged to love and pray for this new "sibling" as if he/she were living in their home.

The second phase of getting their children involved included raising money for Project Build-A-Bed for Children's Hope.  Children age 2 through 6th grade made items to sell to the Decatur church family.  Preschoolers made hand print pillowcases and 1 -6 graders made blankets.

The third phase of Project Build-A-Bed was their Haitian Marketplace where the kids sold the pillowcases and blankets.  The kids also had market booths where they did crafts and projects that were all related to Haiti.

We are so grateful to FBC Decatur for partnering with us as we serve in Haiti.  Also, thanks for getting your children involved in learning about the needs of orphaned children and then leading them to help meet those needs!  It is such a privilege to be part of God's Family!
Pajama Party
Choosing a child to adopt!
Pajama Party

Choosing Christine to be her "child"

Preschooler making pillowcase

5th and 6th grade boys making blankets
Making a special blanket

Time to shop!
Setting up the Market

Pillowcases for Sale
1st grader chose this blanket for his mom.
Let the shopping begin - Haitian Marketplace

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