Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just a Few Details!

If you ever think God is not concerned about details then I have a story for you.  God called Children's Hope from Montgomery, AL to purchase land in Jacmel, Haiti which included a tractor and backhoe.  The tractor and the backhoe seemed like a bonus but neither worked.  God called Martie and Charley Elgin from Waveland, MS to build the orphanage in Jacmel.  The Elgins knew Kim from Atlanta that came on a mission trip to Jacmel and brought a Delta mechanic who could "fix" anything which meant he was able to repair the tractor and backhoe!  Guys who belong to a ministry out of California borrowed the tractor and backhoe and rescued homes in a tent city in Jacmel that were being flooded!  What an opportunity to share with these tent dwellers about the love of Jesus!  Wow, isn't it great being a child of God and a member of the Body!  What a privilege it is that God uses His children to help each other.  As Jay Wolf says "we need Jesus and we need each other."  God supplied just the right person/people at just the right time.  We or should I say, Charley, had been waiting for months to get the tractor and backhoe working.  We are so grateful to everyone who God used to bring Him glory in this story.

Joe and Kim repairing parts
Putting it to the test!
Flooded village.

Working to save the homes

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