Monday, March 19, 2012

The Moore Family at the Governor's Mansion

On March 15, the Moore family was given the honor of being guests at the Governor's Mansion in order to share their adoption story.  Mrs. Bentley introduced Kerri and shared that she and Governor Bentley have two adopted children as well.  Mrs. Bentley hopes to draw more attention to children in Alabama who need a loving and permanent family.  I couldn't help thinking of God's perfect timing:  churches throughout Alabama are taking God's Word seriously about caring for orphans at the same time our First Lady is working toward making adoption of foster children a priority in our State.

Kerri does an incredible job in sharing their story.  She was also approached with the possibility of sharing their story with a wider audience.  It is exciting to think how God will use the Moores as advocates for adoption throughout the State of Alabama.

Thank you Mike and Kerri for seeking God, listening to God and obeying God!

Kerri Moore speaking at the Governor's Mansion on Adoption:

Sean and Zach Moore with Governor Bentley

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