Saturday, November 3, 2012

Involvement from Other Churches!

An extra unexpected blessing of CH has been the opportunity to partner with other churches.  Many churches have been touched and convicted through the work in Haiti.  As a result, they are continuing to send teams and offer support and encouragement.  I would like to just high-light a few of them here.

Decatur FBC has sent numerous teams to Jacmel.  In fact, they have a six member team on their way as I write this post.  We are very grateful for Dr. David Parmer (pediatrician) and Mark Corzine who are leading this endeavor.  Their church also kicked off their church orphan ministry called "Children's Promise" this past sunday.  They had over 100 members attend a special luncheon where plans for the ministry were presented by Reese Hamn.  A donation was taken for the lunch meal which consisted of the Haitian staple.... beans and rice!  Children's Promise will donate a portion of the money raised to Children's Hope!  What a blessing it is to see God's Church coming together to care for orphans!  We look forward to what the Lord will do through this ministry.

Lunch at FBC Decatur

Beans and Rice but are these cookies!

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Reese Hamn in background speaking about Children's Promise

Each child at CH has his/her own bulletin board and members spent time in prayer for  all 23 children.

Coosada Baptist Church is having its first fund raiser to help support the sewing center.  They are excited to be involved, and we are so thankful for them!  Hillcrest BC in Enterprise have also been very involved in sending mission teams down over the past two years.  This church is becoming very involved in missions and recently held a Missions Expo at their church.  Our very own, John Bush was invited and spoke to five groups.  Again, we are so thankful that God is opening the eyes of His Church to the needs of orphans and other outreach efforts in Haiti.  Thank you churches!

Stay tuned and next week you will hear about Taylor Road Baptist and what they are doing!!!

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