Thursday, October 25, 2012

Updates and Events!

I know many of you are wondering about how the Schwindlings, Elgins, and children are doing in the face of Hurricane Sandy.  I talked with Tommy this morning and Martie received a text from Charley yesterday.  They are all safe but it is raining and raining and raining!  The electricity is out and internet is down.  Fortunately, there is a generator at the Alabama House and at Children's Hope.  School was let out yesterday and today.  Hopefully, this will be the last day of rain for Haiti and the country can begin to dry out.  As always, please pray for all of the Haitians who are still living in tents and most of the rest of the population who live in substandard housing.  So thankful for our dry and secure home and reliable utilities! 

This week, I watched the movie, "October Baby."  I highly recommend that you rent this movie as soon as possible and let the Holy Spirit speak to you in regards to abortion.  It is a powerful story!
Also, St. James United Methodist Church is hosting:  Compassion: Change the Story.  Many of you are familiar with Compassion International that focuses on bringing children our of poverty and giving them hope through opportunities but most importantly, through the Hope of Christ.  Compassion has set up an assimilation of the lives of three different children and their stories who were sponsored through their ministry.  You walk through rooms that depict their lives and listen to them tell their stories on an ipod.  It is a very moving and convicting experience.   This opportunity will continue through this Sunday, Oct. 28th.  You do not have to reserve a time unless you will be bringing a large group.  To see specific times, go to:  This takes place in the front parking lot of the church on Vaughn Road.

Also, I would like to tell you about a special birthday party.  Parker Cook turned seven years old last week and he along with his mom and dad, Chad and Sharon, decided to do something for CH.  Instead of gifts, Parker asked his friends to bring flipflops and Crocs to his party for the children at CH.  Parker collected over 60 pairs and $100 in cash!  Thank you Parker for learning at any early age that "it is better to give than receive."
Parker with over 60 pairs of flipflops and Crocs

Finally, Nicole got her cast off last week and is completely healed.  Praises to our Lord!  You can tell that she is one happy girl!  For those of you wondering about Myrlande (staff member at CH in a motorcycle accident who broke her leg), she is walking on her leg some but still needs to build strength back up.
Nicole without a cast!

Charley (right) with Dave Bird discussing plans for CH.  Of course, Hurricane Sandy has caused delays!  Otherwise, great progress is being made.

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