Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Mission Trip, Part 2

After a great day on Friday, the team prepared for a Block Party on Saturday.  They set up six stations of activity including sack races, Tommy grilled hotdogs, and Joy, Evelyn, and Dawn manned the tables and assembly lines.  The Teels and the Bishops along with Payton worked the different stations.  There were over 100 children from three different orphanages that attended.  It was a great success and everyone had a great time.  Thanks to this team for giving the kids a day of fun and being the hands and feet of Jesus!   The team will depart early Monday morning and not get home until very late Monday night, so please pray them home.

I have also included some pictures of progress from the new Children's Hope site.  Please be in prayer as Charley leads this construction.  Construction in the U.S. certainly has its challenges, so one can only imagine the challenges in a third world country.

Nathalie, Anne Louise, and Christine

Emma Beth

The Grilling Machine and Tommy

Kids breaking for lunch - Paul Bishop in front

Mary Conley and Myson

Sack races

Payton officiating in the background

"Coach Troy" with Silmaine

Road to new security wall

Slab - getting ready to build!

water storage

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