Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stitching Up Some Blessings!

Last Spring, Martie and Charley said "yes" to a God sized assignment.  They agreed to come alongside  a couple of church schools who were struggling to just make it through the year.  Through the course of the summer, there are now five church schools that they are overseeing.  God has provided above and beyond the imaginable!  By working through His children, He provided books for the children, money to build outdoor kitchens for each school, and a connection to another mission who will provide food so each child will have a hot lunch every day at school.   

By God's grace,  over 600 children in Jacmel are receiving an education in addition to our children at Children's Hope.  Having that many children means there is a HUGE need for uniforms; two per student actually!  Well, God is at work through the sewing ministry, Every Stitch a Prayer,  at Taylor Road Baptist in Montgomery to meet this need.  This ministry has agreed to make jumpers, shorts, skirts for all of the children, but they need help!  They need folks who can cut patterns, iron, sew simple patterns, and give financially to help purchase fabric, thread and elastic.   I was so deeply touched by the desire of these women to serve, to give of their time, and their genuine love for the Lord.

 If you are interested in helping, you could even work from your home once you have the supplies and sewing instructions.  Ladies from the ministry are also willing to go to other sewing groups in order to get them started at their own churches.  Bottom line is we need helpers and the sooner the better!  If you are interested in helping with cutting, ironing or sewing, etc., please contact Judy Denner at 334-514-8132 or everystitchaprayer@gmail.com; Susan Mims at 334-271-3521 or Jenimae Beckham at 334-277-9673.  To help financially, please contact Alissa Irvin at alissa@childrens-hope.com or 334-467-5588.

Another way to help is by donating money for uniform yellow shirts to go with the jumpers, shorts, and skirts.  They are $5 each and we will need just over 1200 of them.  We will be ordering in bulk to get a better price and get the same shade of yellow.  Again, if you want to help with the shirts, please contact Alissa Irvin.  This would be a great project for your Sunday School class, family, office or church to take on for the Holidays.  You could also make a donation in honor of someone instead of purchasing a Christmas gift.  But please know we need to purchase the shirts in November if at all possible.

Many times, we want to give or serve but just aren't sure what to do which is why this could be such a meaningful project.  It is hands on and you know your money is going directly for what it was intended, so let us hear from YOU!  Be a part of this God sized assignment and watch Him at work!

Ladies at Taylor Road hard at work.

Working with royal blue fabric for the uniforms

Another faithful servant!

Judy Denner cutting out a pattern

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