Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clothes and more clothes!

A couple of weeks ago, Children's Hope was given the opportunity to have all of the left over childrens clothing from the Spring Children's Clothing Exchange. Kelley Phelps and her precious, Lottie, helped me load all of the clothes into our vans. A number of you helped organize, remove tags and hangers, and box the clothes up this past Sunday. A big thank you to those that helped. On Wednesday, I delivered the clothes to Mtg. County DHR and they were so grateful. They kept saying thank you over and over. Hopefully, this process will be something that we can repeat with future CCE. We received a lot of clothes for children sizes 5 and below and shared with the Caring Center as well. If anyone would like to organize a clothing drive for children's sizes 6 and above, I know DHR and the Caring Center would appreciate the extra clothes for kids.

This Saturday, a mission team from Eastmont Baptist Church will head to Haiti. The team will be constructing a security wall at the side of the rental home for the orphans. There is currently a walking path/cut through there now where a lot of people pass each day. Once this wall is complete, the house will have security walls all around. We are so grateful for this team's willingness to go! Please be in prayer for them.

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