Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prepare to be Blessed!

A couple of months ago, I received an email from Chris Anderson at First Baptist, Mtg. who received the original email from her brother in Birmingham. The focus of the email was a precious 12 year old young lady named Mattie who had been adopted from China. Due to no fault of Mattie, the adoption was interrupted leaving the adoption agency looking for a new home for her. Can you even begin to imagine the thoughts and emotional pain that Mattie was experiencing?
As a response to Chris' email, I sent the information out to our 250 people in the Children's Hope yahoo group. Lisa and Reese Hamn (friends in Decatur by way of Chip and Christy Colee) are a part of this group. Lisa shared the story of Mattie. As a result, a family (the Ponters) in her church is now in the process of adopting Mattie! The story gets even better. As you know, adoptions cost money even in this unusual situation. Another family in the same church has been led to help raise money for Mattie's adoption. For more information, see http://pattersonposts.blogspot.com .
We are so thankful that Mattie now has a home and that the Lord let Children's Hope play a small role. Isn't it humbling to see how the Lord uses us to be a part of His work. Please continue to pray for Mattie and the Ponters as they adjust to each other and pursue the adoption process.

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