Friday, March 25, 2011

March Update!

We are so thankful to announce that Eastmont Baptist Church had a very successful trip to Jacmel, Haiti! They completed the security wall around the rental home for our orphans and assisted another local pastor in the construction of his church. Thank you Eastmont! Hopewell Baptist Church (Andalusia) recently visited the children while on a church construction mission. They provided the children with monogrammed bags, the pastors with ties, and other supplies. They have plans for further involvement as well. Thank you Hopewell! What a blessing it is to be part of God's family.

Many others have asked if they can send clothes and other items to the children in Jacmel. We really appreciate everyone's interest, but for now, we are very limited in what we can take due to travel challenges and Haiti's lack of infrastructure. Hopefully, there will be a time when we can overcome some of the roadblocks and send in a large shipment of items. At that point, we will need a lot of help! We will certainly let everyone know of the needs. Again, thanks to all of you who have such a heart for these children. In the mean time, a mission group at FBC Mtg. is
sponsoring one of the children. The cost is $35 a month to sponsor one of our children, so if your mission group, Sunday School class or family is interested, please let me know.

Our first foster care training class will completing the course in two weeks. They will continue to work on other accreditation issues over the summer months. Extra blessings to these families/singles who are beginning this journey - I can't imagine a higher and more noble calling!

Many people consider adoption as impossible due to the financial costs associated with it. If you sense the Lord leading you in this direction, please do not limit God in what He wants to do in your life. I have read so many adoption stories where families trusted the Lord to provide, and He did. There are resources available to help with the cost, and these will be discussed Sunday night at FBC Mtg. Please join us at 5:00 in room B408.

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