Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Grimes and other Updates

Coach Jeff Grimes and his wife, Sheri, were such a blessing for our First Baptist family and others who joined us last Sunday night. They shared their adoption story of Jada, the positive impact that she has had on their family, and their love for the Lord in such a genuine and compelling manner. From the experience of the championship game to Sheri's physical issues experienced before and after the adoption, it is very evident that this is a family of faith and they are serious about being obedient. I think we were all taken with their friendliness and easy going personalities. They are a special couple and the Lord is using them to encourage and strengthen others.

FYI - The U.S. Dept. of State recently submitted the FY 2010 Annual Report on Intercountry Adoption. There were 11,059 international adoptions by US residents. We seem to hear of more people adopting internationally but the number has actually decreased since it peaked in 2004 at over 22,000 adoptions. However, both numbers pale in comparison to the needs of orphans.

GPS/foster care training is going well with the class completing its 4th session this week. There are 11 households from FBC represented in this group. Also, FBC will host the exhibit from Heart Gallery Alabama from March 7 through April 1. This exhibit will focus on children in foster care in Alabama that are available for adoption. They have been photographed by professional photographers throughout the State. The purpose is to put a face on these children and ultimately, foster interest in adopting them.

The Lord provided me with the opportunity to share about Children's Hope with 42 Auburn college students. These were bright young ladies who have a love for the Lord and a passion for serving others. Hopefully, seeds were planted and they will be obedient in living out James 1:27. I also had the blessing of visiting with about 25 children at Heritage Baptist this week. I shared pics of Haiti and about the needs of so many orphans in that country.

Our next trip to Haiti will be April 6 through 9. We hope to have more information on possible land. We also want to award about 10 micro loans to church members in Pastor Paul's and Pastor Frankey's church. Please pray for the 16 children that we are working with and Samuel, their caregiver. Please also pray that we would seek the Lord's guidance in every step and not get ahead of Him and do what "we think" is best.

More exciting news is that Frazer UMC is making plans to begin a church orphan ministry. I met with a couple of members recently who already have a good start.

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