Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot Chocolate for Haiti!

Andy and I were so blessed this past Sunday when we received $54.00 from Mary Conley and Emma Beth Teel. The girls had the great idea of selling hot chocolate to raise money for Haiti. Several aspects of this donation to Children's Hope really stand out to me. They could have chosen to put off raising money until the summer when they could have held a traditional lemonade sell. Instead, they thought outside of the box and found a way to help "now." They also braved the cold for several hours - not because they were getting something in return but to meet needs of children they have never met. We decided that this money will be used to buy books for the children in their own Haitian Creole language. Many thanks to the Teel girls, their friends who joined them, and their parents for fostering the love of giving.

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