Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FBC Team in Jacmel

Tommy, John H., John B. and Mike working on coop!
Tommy working on fence.
Robin, the artist, at work!
Joy and Mirland painting
John working on the fence
New roof on bath house - church from Bessemer built this two weeks ago.
Making progress on the coop - Mike and John H.

Things are going well with our team in Jacmel which consists of Robin Stewart, John Bush, Mike Moore and John Halbrooks. They arrived on Saturday and on Sunday morning they attended Pastor Paul's church and John B. shared during the service. They were able to attend Church on Beach in the evening where they got to meet other local missionaries. This week they have been hard at work getting a fence up for the goats since we are trying to keep them away from the children. When Andy and I were there in December, one particular goat loved coming into the dining hall; it was challenging to keep him/her out! The guys along with Tommy worked on this while Robin and Joy painted the outside of the dorms. Andy spoke with them all tonight and got a report about spending time with the students at Pastor Paul's new school that is at his church. The students enjoyed science experiments and learning how to measure - it sounds like some of the adults enjoyed this as well. Today also found the team beginning construction on the chicken coop. Please continue to pray for their endurance, safety, and that they will see each person they encounter through the eyes of Christ. Most importantly, pray that they share Christ in every opportunity presented. Finally, please pray for Martie and Charley Elgin as they face the challenges of coordinating construction of Phase II.

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