Friday, October 14, 2011

Oct. Mission Trip

The most recent mission team to Jacmel returned this past Monday night, October 10th. Thanks to the team who gave their money, time and love to go on this trip . They were such a blessing to the children and the children were such a blessing to our team. If you ever feel unloved or unappreciated, my advice would be to spend an hour with these 18 children. They will definitely boost your spirit. They love people and life. I am including a lot of pics with this post, because I think they tell the story best. Also, Troy Teel made a video of the trip and it can be found by clicking on the following link.

Andy with Kenson and Elida
The boys loved Tyler.
The kids now have plenty of room to play - go Lovenson!
Troy playing ball with the kids.
Troy and Casimir in deep concentration.

Mary Conley, Anne Louise, Beth and Emma Beth
Charley and Martie reunited!!!
Juli with Davidson (translator and children's tutor - we love Davidson)
Children's Hope sign at the kids new home.
The kids running to the taptap to meet the team.
These kids couldn't wait for Andy to get out of the taptap!
Celia Teel gets a sweet hug from Myson.
Labeling brand new underwear for the kids - the kids were so excited to get their very own compliments of Robinson SS class at FBC.
More labeling!
Hanging up brand new backpacks in the girls' dorm. Mattresses pads were placed on all of the beds. Mattresses are expensive and hard to come by in Haiti, so we want to make these last. The mattress pads are compliments of the Pathfinder SS class at FBC.
Tommy and Joy in front of the kitchen at Children's Hope. Tommy just hung this new sign.
Emma Beth and Mary Conley Teel with some of the kids in their school uniforms.
Looks like Juli (the teacher) has things well under control!
Headed to the beach.

Tyler and Addy Hough with kids at the beach.

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