Monday, June 25, 2012

Please take time to watch this awesome video from the Colee family that summarizes our recent trip to Haiti.

Recently, another team from FBC Montgomery had the blessing of visiting with Tommy and Joy and the children of Children's Hope in Jacmel.  Patty Roper led the team comprised of Linda Stripling, Matt Bishop, Carolyn Bryan and Clark Rankin.  Thanks to this team for sharing the love of Christ.
While they were in Jacmel, they had the privilege of attending a graduation ceremony for seven of our children who graduated from preschool.  We had special white dresses made for the girls and they got new shoes and hair bows.  The boys were dressed in white shirts with little bow ties.  While the ceremony lasted just under three hours and the torrential rain was causing leaks in the roof, I think the team truly felt it was a blessing to be there.  Please see pics below of the graduation and the team.

Patty and Matt


Geralda and Joy


Christine saying a poem she had learned

Kids sharing with the others after the ceremony

Alexis and Matt

Our graduates:  Geralda, Nicole, Christine, Lovenson, Christella, Danaika, Alexis

Carolyn sharing with the ladies at Pastor Paul's church

Matt and Clark sharing with the men at Pastor Paul's church

Linda and Daphne

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