Thursday, June 14, 2012


Marthe McMinn with Edrick (translator) - Martha is an RN who has been to Jacmel several times and is instrumental in helping to provide meds/supplies for the medical clinic.  All but the last picture in this blog post are from Martha.

Samuel, James (a translator from a local orphanage who is an outstanding young man) and Edrick.  Edrick's love for others is so apparent as well as his love for the Lord.

Kitchen at Children's Hope.  There are two new stoves to the right - beats cooking over and open fire any day!

Joy giving out daily Juice Plus to the kids.  Juice Plus is being supplied by caring folks  at no charge who care about orphans and believe Juice Plus can make a big difference in their development.  The people who supply the JP are from other various churches in different states who have contacted John Bush.  It is truly amazing to watch the extent to which God goes to take care of these children!

Junior (the best tap tap driver ever), Joy and Samuel

Girls' bathroom at Children's Hope

Showers at Children's Hope

Sam (Samuel's brother) walking a patient from the medical clinic home

The musical side of Charley Elgin - who would have known!  He is a man of many talents.

Volunteers in the medical clinic

Medical clinic right next to Children's Hope that Martie and Charley Elgin have established.

Medical volunteer sharing information while Edrick translates
Patrick O'Connor welcoming the Decatur FBC team

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