Monday, August 1, 2011

Update on Schwindlings!

We are all learning that nothing is easy in Haiti! We are also learning that nothing happens quickly! Despite all of the challenges, Joy and Tommy are remaining faithful servants. One issue that they still face is the lack of internet. Please pray that this will become a reality soon, because internet will open up so many opportunities for communication. Another issue that may be resolved this week is having the generator hooked up, so they will have electricity 24 hours. Currently, the electricity is cut off in Jacmel at 4 a.m. and comes back on at 2 p.m. Getting the generator delivered from Port au prince was a major accomplishment and very expensive. However, it was unloaded in the road and Tommy devised a way to get it inside the gate using 2 x 4s and leverage. It is huge! They finally got men to get it in place and the electrician will hopefully, get it up and running this week. Water is also an issue, but a plumber came today and will provide an estimate soon. They can't drive the truck yet, because we are still working on the right paperwork to get insurance. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. They are dealing with some frustrating issues, but nothing that can't be worked out eventually. It is a totally different world! God will work through Tommy and Joy and provide victory through all of these challenges. Please continue to pray for the Lord to sustain them and remind them daily that they "are more than conquerors." Please pray specifically for the needs shared here. Also, that they will connect with other missionaries in Jacmel and develop close friendships.

Tommy's mom will have open heart surgery maybe next week. This was a complete surprise. She was diagnosed with bladder cancer just before they left but then found a blockage in her heart. Joy will leave Jacmel for about 2 weeks while she recovers. Please pray specifically for Tommy's mom, Monique Benton, and for Tommy's peace of mind.

Many of you have asked about sending cards, care packages, etc. to them. I plan to experiment with a letter and small care package, but I am not very optimistic that either will reach them. It seems that our only choice is to send cards, etc. with teams that are going down from other churches, ALSBOM or FBC. While they do not have internet in the AL House currently, they can go to an internet cafe to retrieve emails, so please flood them with emails. The address is: More to come soon on the kids and the visit from the three kindergarten teachers.

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  1. I loved seeing the pictures! I just got back from Haiti week before last and was there when Joy and Tommy got there. We were so happy to meet them and I will continue to pray that all these difficulties would be worked out soon. I'll give the other members of Hopewell in Andalusia the email address tomorrow night so we can flood them with emails! Thanks for the update!