Saturday, July 23, 2011


What an adventure for Joy and Tommy as well as Andy. I will try to recap some of it. Tommy and Joy met with a couple from Pastor Paul's church Wednesday night with Mel and P. Francky (translator). We had been told that the couple would work at the AL House (AH) in exchange for room and board and that the husband was fluent in English. It turns out that the husband is not fluent in English and they have their own home. They will work there during the day helping with cleaning, cooking, grounds, etc.

On Thursday morning, the Schwindlings along with Mel and P. Francky arrived in Port au Prince (PaP) at 8:00 am . This is no small feat since it takes about four hours to travel over the mtns. from Jacmel to PAp! Joy said that there were armed guards in the stores with guns ready. I know they purchased mattresses - not sure what else. Joy and Tommy were able to catch the charter flight with Andy back to Jacmel since he arrived in Haiti that day.

Andy has been working diligently with "Rob" who works for Jerry O'Leary (Canadian landowner). Andy is so impressed with him. Rob introduced Andy to the mayor and other key folks in Jacmel. They worked on the land transfer, getting insurance for the truck and the motorcycle registered. Andy's response to all of this was "it is a different world!"

Friday night was the first night in the AH. They have electricity but not hot water. The gas was hooked up today, but there is no propane gas to be found in Jacmel! Maybe next week. The big deal about gas is the stove is gas, so they have been eating a lot of PB&Js and meals at the hotel.
Internet is scheduled for, you guessed it, next week.

Joy and Tommy seem to be doing really well. They look forward to joining in with Pastor Paul and his congregation in the morning as Andy has been asked to preach! Please commit to praying for the Schwindlings daily, because they are counting on it.

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