Friday, January 21, 2011

News from Haiti

Since October, we have been trying to wire some money to the bank in Jacmel for the on going expenses of the 16 children but have had little luck. Today, Andy spent quite a bit of time at the bank trying to sort out the process through the translator. He thinks they have it worked out but just to be sure Samuel and Pastor Paul will attempt to withdraw money from the account tomorrow. They also spent more time with the children today. Beth had a dance ready to teach them, so I am wondering what kind of success she had. She also wanted to teach them how to play hopscotch and rock school on the steps.

They also looked at some land today for a permanent home. Andy and Mel (St. Bd of Mission) have to try to stay out of sight while trying to look at the land - hard to do , right? The reason is that we think the owner will increase the price significantly if he knows Americans are interested. Andy is to be given prices Saturday morning. Please pray for a favorable price on the best piece of land.

I have included a picture of the children's school. Makes our school buildings look like palaces!
They start school in September and go to the end of June. Their hours are from 7 am to noon.

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