Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ministry Updates

I am so grateful to be a part of FBC Montgomery! When we first began to sense God leading us to start a church orphan ministry, I continued to envision families, couples, singles rise to the challenge to help meet the needs of children. May I say that I have not been disappointed. It is happening one person at a time through a phone call, email, lunch meeting or brief encounter at church. He is calling us to go beyond our families, our careers, and our church and be willing to sacrifice and take risks. This is not easy! Christ was all about taking risks and of course paid the ultimate sacrifice. Lets be like Him and continue to answer His call.

We have over 200 members in our yahoo group! As I said earlier, I was overwhelmed by the response of people to help with snacks for the foster parent classes. Comments like the following go a long way in affirming this ministry:

"I will be happy to help with snacks"
"just let me know, I can do several nights"
"I will bring a Chappy's tray"
"count me in"
"I'd love to help with snacks"
"I've been praying about how I can help with this precious ministry"

I will get a calendar out soon and more info.

Please read Joy Portis' most recent post at , especially those of you interested in foster care. Also, is a great blog!

Andy, Dow, and Beth arrived safely in Jacmel this afternoon. They visited the school where the children attend and met the lady who runs it. Andy was taking pictures of the school and this caused a big uproar from the director. However, when it was explained to her why he was taking pictures, she was fine. School was out for the day, but she was instructing about 150 women on how to run a business, etc. They meet every Thursday afternoon. Andy had just discussed the idea of "microloans" with Pastor Franky, ort interpreter! Microloans are small loans given to someone who has a good idea for some type of business. An example would be giving a loan for a sewing machine and fabric. Once the person has the business up and making a profit, they pay the loan back. So many people have the desire to get started in a small business but do not have the money they need up front. We will continue to explore this possibility. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. Hopefully, I will have some pics to post soon.

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