Saturday, September 24, 2011

Phase I Update

What a transformation from just a little less than two months ago. Below is the container that will be used for the kitchen. Notice the screen in area - this is where the children will eat. There is also a pantry for storage. A team from Hillcrest Baptist in Enterprise was in Jacmel a few weeks ago and they volunteered to raise money for two badly needed stoves for the orphanage. What a blessing! Also, FBC Decatur gave a donation to purchase new mattresses
for the children. There are no "real" mattress in Jacmel, so they will be purchased in PAP and trucked over. Hopefully, they will arrive by Oct. 1.

Below is Tommy's creative mind at its best. Each child will have his/her own cubbie along with a name plate to match the trim of course! Joy helped with the painting.
Wouldn't it be great to have a set of these cubbies for your children?
Just a side note: Two of our goats are expecting! A neighbor brings his cows every morning to graze on the grass at the orphanage and then he takes them home in the evenings. Not only do they get juicy green grass but we get free grass cutting!

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