Thursday, May 5, 2011

May News

So many positive things are happening with Children's Hope. I will highlight a few. First, the Caleb concert last night at FBC was awesome! Thanks to Emilee Rogers for having a vision for the concert and seeing it through to completion. Emilee leads the Fellowship of Christian Students at BTW where she is a senior and headed to Samford after graduation. Caleb and the band were so gracious to the "fans" during and after the concert. Over $2700 was raised! Thanks to all who attended! We had a great turnout!

Next, Becky and Phillip Pouncey donated a dream playhouse to the ministry. It was built by Phillip and would make some great memories for some little girl/girls. We will auction this off soon and will let everyone know when we are ready. See pics below!

Finally, many of you know that in January our mission team in Haiti discovered that a Canadian businessman had purchased a piece of land in Jacmel and planned to develop a home for orphans using shipping containers. The team visited this sight and a second team visited again in April. Through some networking, we discovered that the businessman (Jerry O'Leary) may be interested in turning this land over to an orphan care ministry. Andy and Mel Johnson pursued this possibility. Andy has had several phone conversations with Mr. O'Leary that have been promising. They planned for Andy and Jay to fly to Canada in order to meet with Mr. O'Leary but due to scheduling conflicts this hasn't worked out. Plan B is for Andy, Jay and Mr. O'Leary to have a teleconference within the next week. Please pray that the Lord will give both Children's Hope and Mr. O'Leary clarity on how to proceed according to His plan. We do not
know how this will turn out but it appears that the Lord's hand is in it. Please also pray that the teleconference will happen since all three men will be in three different places. If anyone knows how to accomplish this, please let us know. Also, pray that Mr. O'Leary will be able to meet Jay and Andy in Haiti at the end of this month.

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