Monday, July 23, 2012

July Changes!!!

July has brought many changes to Children's Hope  in Jacmel.  The first one I will mention was a very sad and difficult change.  On July, Friday 13, Social Services in Jacmel removed Fedline from our care.  Her uncle wanted her to come live with him and was not aware of the previous abusive home where she lived.  Fedline came to CH in March of this year and had already become such a special part of the big family.  She was very quiet but her smile would light up a room.  It was extremely hard on the staff and the children but mostly on Fedline.  She did not want to leave.  Please pray that Fedline is safe, loved and provided for and being taught about Jesus.  CH is so thankful to have had the opportunity to share Christ with her during her stay.  May that seed grow into a beautiful servant who comes to love Jesus with all of her heart.

We had a three year old little girl for one night but a staff member at Social Services has taken her in.  Next came two other children who we think will be with us permanently -  Tina and Nobert (not siblings).  Nobert is six and has adjusted quite well.  Tina may be around 9 or 10 and has not adjusted well.  She tends to want to be by herself and cries at times.  When I know more about their story, I will pass that on but please pray for Tina.

The last change that I want to mention is in relation to Patrick O'Connor.  Patrick has served as our first intern and has been in Jacmel since late May.  He has formed such a strong bond with the kids at CH but will tell them good-bye this Friday and fly home on Saturday.  Please pray for Patrick and the children as they say good-bye.  Patrick has been an awesome intern and has helped pave the way for future individuals to serve in this capacity.  A big thank you to Patrick!

Patrick with Lovely, Elida, Nathalie and Geralda
Fedline left CH on July 13

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