Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Updates

Many of you continue to ask about Mattie whose adoption from China was disrupted this past year. I recently got an update that Mattie received Christ as Savior! She is doing so well with her family and is teaching her siblings Mandarin. Praises to the Lord!

All 18 children are now enrolled in school for this year. The younger 15 will be attending Hosanna Baptist School which is close to the Alabama House and the land site. We were told that this is one of the best schools in Jacmel. The older three (Lovely, Myson and Daphney) will attend another school, but I do not have much info on this one. All of the kids are being fitted for uniforms for their respective schools. A list of books to buy was also given to Tommy. This caused us to realized that the previous school attended didn't require us to buy books?!?! and I can assure you they weren't included in the tuition! Needless to say, we are looking forward to a more productive year.

Many of you offered to purchase underwear for the children. The Robinson SS Class at FBC agreed to take this project on. Thanks to all of you who offered - there will be other opportunities in the future to help with the children.

Charley Elgin continues to work very hard every day in preparing for the children to move to the land by October 1st. Two men, John Turnbull and Doug Moyer, have assisted him these last two weeks. They both have been invaluable in getting the site ready for the kids especially in getting the water system up and going. By the way, they had all six showers running at the same time with good water pressure. That is no small feat in Haiti. A big thanks to John and Doug for sharing your time, love and expertise! John spent two weeks in Jacmel and now is headed to Japan to assist in the recovery there. Doug will be there a total of three weeks. Both Doug and John are from California - God continues to amaze us in how He connects His children.

This next week, work will be done toward getting the trusses built and in place. You can see the progress below. Being on mission with God is so exciting!

Cement is almost done

Doug leading a devotion
Now that is using your head!
Sharing Water - Jacmel's water supply was contaminated recently and there was no water for a day. Children's Hope shared with this young boy who brought containers to the fence.

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